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When is started the Palio? How old is the Palio?

When is started the Palio? How old is the Palio?
Living the Palio of Siena together with the sienese people, enjoying their company, the dinner in the contrada, the enthusiastic moments, suffering the wait together with them, in the middle of the drums, the flags and the anxiety before the race, is really a unique experience in life. 

We organized special stays to make your Palio days unforgettable.
You will see the "tratta" of the horses, the pageants' exhibitions in the town streets, the blessing of the horse.
You will especially enjoy the tradition dinners prepared and eaten at tables in the ancient streets of Siena, drinking wine and singing folk songs.

The day of the Palio you will have the chance to see the parade from the balcony of an ancient palace over Piazza del campo. 
You will live with us the anxious moments before the race and those three rounds when the breathe of thousand of people will be kept till someone's victory.
After the race, you can celebrate with a dinner in Piazza del Campo square the special day just spent in Siena.


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